The holistic, traditional Thai massage experience can only be truly experienced once you immerse yourself in the ancient world of herbal healing via compresses. Experienced together, they bring both relaxation and vigor to the body and soul.

  • Body Herbal Hot Compress
    Each Thai Herbal Heat Compress contains a unique formula that combines valuable dried herbs, each with its own benefits, that work synergistically when combined to lessen bruises, swelling, aches, and pains. When heated, the compress releases the natural aromatic oils of the various herbs, calming and centering your mind. The heat also helps expand the muscles and tissues of your body, bringing blood to the targeted area and relieving tight knots, joint, muscular pains, swelling, and muscular injuries.
  • Facial Herbal Hot Compress
    Using a compress on the facial area means the correct size must be chosen for maximum benefit and efficacy. The heat stimulates the circulation as the aroma wafting from the herbs inside helps uplift and relax your face.
  • Herbal Steam
    Enjoy our herbal expertise in the comfort of your own home with our kit for both domestic steam and sauna rooms. As the aromatic smell cleanses your spirit, the sauna or steam room helps toxins be released and expelled from your body. Thanks to the elevated temperature, your muscles and tendons are treated to increased blood flow and thus relaxation—in short, a complete and sensuous experience.
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